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Good vibes OR 

No vibes.




 Established in 2015. North East side of Alabama (Huntsville). Founded by Ramson K baker A.K.A Djramson_256 with just a mini controller, laptop & love for music. The hunch become clearer through music and deejaying as an art, it became a tool of educating, spreading love and unifying people. And this has been evident over the years. A lot of parties have been spearheaded by us and a lot of mixtapes have been released, deejays have been taught and an artist has been signed with an album in progress. The momentum has been phenomenal and with the everday increase in the love and fans for Romus Sounds. An online shop filled with our  merchandise and accessories has been made available for anyone who is into fashion, loves music or appreciates the art of deejaying.With the most HIGH on our side expect nothing but big wins.  With the main aim to identify talent, culture, fashion and most importantly elevate creativity. Romus Sounds inc is a full service management, entertainment, recording, Brand and rebrand facilitating company. 

  Our MISSION does not stand far from our aim which is house Romus Sounds as a TOOL of education, motivation, influence & unifying of people as ONE.  



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Known for his style "Five fingers of music," Djramson_twofivesix started off from humble beginnings as a computer instructor where he later felt bored and joined his friend's business and substituted it for a computer technician repairing mostly second hand computers. During this period, he was able to rub shoulders with different producers, artists, radio presenters, deejays and club houses (I.e silk royale). This was a blessing in disguise as he ended up with a vast, enriched & well organized music crate from different scopes of the world and of different genres. But that wasn't all, just after six years of partnership with his friend, the government put a ban on all used computers which was a big set back to the company hence it's closure. Ramson ended up relocating from the pearl of Africa area code (256) to Huntsville Al area code (256) hence his name ramson_twofivesix. With just a vast music crate and his old memory, Ramson_twofivesix was determined to self- teach the art of deejaying and as he got good at it, he wanted more of it and this resulted into the formation of the five fingers of music. A style that evolves around creativity, scratching, producing & blending music types and different genres as one routine.(I.e getting what is done in the DMC battles, re-produce and then play it in the club) something a few deejays especially battle deejays have been able to conquer. This style has been his bench mark for different gigs right from birthday parties, pool parties and also opened up for international deejays like dj simple Simon from supremacy sounds, djstevo junior international roots master and also in 2015 djramson_twofivesix was a cast deejay for Jamaican reggae/dancehall artist Serani (NO GAMES) Turbulance ( real warrior) and also Mega Banton.


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